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Grow your Repeat Business

with our Advanced Loyalty Campaign

To keep the demanding customers that you have built to date happy and attracted to your brand. The loyalty campaign works wonderfully and acts as the best solution to keeping customers excited! The more they do business with you, the more they are rewarded and this circular goes on.

TikMe enables you to go on board and keep your customer engaged and happy with the loyalty program that we design exclusively for you.

We create a promotional campaign for your business that automatically lures and draw the attention of the audience.

Keeping the customer happy indeed is the first step to being a prominent brand!

All your Campaigns at a Glance

Defining a campaign is just as important as tracking the results of the campaign. You can access and view all your campaigns in a single glance at a particular spot in real-time. View the transactions made, loyalty rewards earned by customers repeated customer’s purchase decisions, and a lot more through this campaign.


Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Time is extremely important for business and time scheduling of work has to be done with careful attention. When you have a loyalty campaign, you save yourself a lot of time and focus more on business work. We will frame a fantastic campaign personalized on your business, track performance, and provide you the insight anytime you wish to. All you will need is a solid internet connection, the rest of the team at TikMe will handle for you!

Data Stored

All the data attained from the loyalty campaign can be tracked, viewed, and backed up for you. You can view it even offline and store it on the loud. The best part is, you will have your data forever, with no chance of losing it. Through the data, you can monitor and improve your business better and efficiently.


Quick Sign up

Your customer will leave the loyalty program signup process if it takes more than a minute to load. The long and tedious signup process will not retain your customers longer, as they will be frustrated. Without the TikMe loyalty program, your customer can enter within a few seconds. They can instantly enroll, signup, use codes, voucher, loyalty point and enjoy their privilege of being a loyal member.

Why is customer retention marketing through Loyalty Program a Great Deal?

Imagine, if every person that visits your website, paid another visit frequently? Getting new customers attracted to your business is a better way to grow. However, in this process, you cannot and should not ignore your existing customer, as they are already satisfied with your brand.

Providing them a reminder of your presence through loyalty reward instigate in their mind a presence of you. They will tend to seek services/products from you without having a second thought, as they are already used to your brand.

With the TikMe Loyalty program, we manage a campaign such that it automatically retains your existing customer, trigger their purchasing point, and lure them towards you.