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Automating Customer Service with Chatbot is the New Normal!

Recollect the last conversation you had with a customer service agent? Whether it was to gain information or to complain, seek assistance, or discuss payment and feedback. Chances are, you have probably communicated to a bot.
Yes! Chatbot has gained popularity over the past year so much so that about 80% of the brands have plans to adopt one for their business in 2020-2021.
It is proven through research that about 55% of customers prefer connecting to a brand that had Chatbot solutions to address their queries. Companies in various verticals have now understood and are harnessing the power of Chatbots to offer a seamless, quick, and personalized solution to customer queries with a detailed explanation.

Seeking to create an unparalleled and exceptional customer experience? Seek Chatbots

Why Chatbot?

If you are still questioning the capabilities of a chatbot and how to go about it. In simpler words, it is an artificial intelligence software, program to maintain a conversation with a user in a text and audio method.
It is stimulated in a manner that presents human drive interaction with the audience as soon as the user clicks the chat window. It is a way to connect quickly, respond immediately, and provide a customized solution to each user based on their unique needs.
Imagine your business missing leads simply because your website didn’t answer the sufficient questions customer had. With a chatbot, they can simply reach you and get all the answered seamlessly!
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Chat, a relaxing way to communicate, let your business
interact with users, delightedly!

It is no hidden, people prefer to chat over other modes of communication. 56% of people put reliance on chat over a phone call.
66% of millennials adore chat messages more than any other form of communication.

Unmasking the Real Potential of Chatbot Integration with TikMe

TikMe not only develops a well-performing AI chatbot that can deploy all the information and messaging applications. It also provides chatbot integration that matches your business line application.

The Chatbot we build can address and understands queries just like a human would do! Respond to the queries by consuming the least time and provide an accurate solution.

With advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and language processing, our chatbot integration will put your business into a better position online.

Benefits of Chatbot Integration

Now that chatbots are integrated with the marketing plan and in the enterprise software, it has proven to become one of the best solutions that allow the business to leverage AI and automate their entire CRM solution. With our services, you will have the hold to control and manage multiple functions seamlessly.

Well Improved Customer Service

Enhance customer morale and boost user engagement

Monitor the consumer seeking information about the brand

Monitor consumer data

Effective lead generation program

Automated Work saving time

Reducing Manpower Needs

Targeted Wider Audience

Not missing out on a single lead

TikMe Embraces Chat Function to Reduce the Dependency on Human Interactions