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What is TikMe Hyperlocal?

TikMe Hyperlocal is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS platforms. It helps service requesters and service providers (both handyman and pro's) find and connect with each other on location basis.

How can I download TikMe?

Click on "Download Now" button provided at the top and select "Apple Store" or "Play Store" depending on your type of device. You can also enter your mobile number and get the download link right away on your mobile.

What are Privacy Policies of TikMe?

Click here to know detailed privacy policies of TikMe.

What Is TikMe Loyalty?

TikMe Loyalty is our loyalty program which comprises of various tools to help manage you customer relationship experiences.

What are loyalty rewards?

Loyalty Rewards is a part of TikMe Loyalty experience. It offers exclusive rewards based appreciation to loyal customers.

How much does TikMe charges?

It's Free, for most of your hyperlocal needs. You can see more details inside app.

Is this open for all?

Yes, TikMe is open for all and requires one time signup after app installation using your mobile number.

Do you support business franchisees?

Yes. We’ve built our product with expansion in mind. We work with stores ranging from single owner-operator, to multiple location franchises.

What is Campaign Plus?

Campaign PLUS is a part of TikMe Loyalty experience for small businesses. It offers multiple ways to easily and effectively broadcast small business campaigns to customers for fast reachability.

What is Review Plus?

Review Plus is a part of TikMe Loyalty experience. It is a set of tools and services provided by us to help small businesses expand their social media presence and gain regular reviews on most popular review platforms.

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