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Create Great Looking Flyer

Highly engaging Business marketing material with a compelling Design by TikMe

With the advent of technology, what's not changed yet and still remains important as a marketing and promotional tool is Flyers. Colourful, attractive, eye-catching and visually attractive flyers are still a prominent way for businesses to promote and communicate a message to the audience. They tend to become a sort of spotlight to businesses for creating a reminder, alert, and announcements and being a selling point in all fractions of marketing.

Why Flyer Plus?

Every business intends to let their customer and potential buyer know about their product and services.

Most often, business prefers social media, email marketing, and their website as a platform to reveal their services, but one oldest marketing method can work wonders. The strong and evergreen Flyers shouldn't be dismissed from your marketing plan!
In research conducted by Data and Marketing Association (DTA) in 2018, it was proven that flyers are still an effective tool for promotion.

A low-cost option, but rather a cost-effective approach. Flyers have dominated the marketing industry for over years now and they still choose to be an incredible investment where returns are guaranteed.

Our Flyer Plus Campaign can put your Ahead!


People don't spend enough time reading a long advertisement that isn’t useful for them. Designing a flyer for your business needs to be clear, precise, crisp, and easily understandable. We ensure to create a message so eye-popping, that isn’t easily missed out!


Awakening the mentions of your potential buyer has to be the first and foremost thing to do in your Flyer advertisement. Luckily, we know the right essence to creating emotional appeal and reaching the mind and heart of your audience.


With TikMe, our marketing team takes into consideration that the design, tone, and message speak more about your brand experience. We put ahead of your brand as unique and easily recognizable by creating a personalized touch that every potential buyer could relate to.


How effective your Flyer promotion depends upon your ability to target the right audience with the right message and at the right time. Our primary efforts are to use specialized tools to promote your brand only to the audience that is interested to seek product and services you've in the offering.

Why Work with TikMe Flyer Plus Campaign?

Marketing flyers delivered by us are of a small budget but produce bigger results.

A well-designed flyer by us provided enough lead, the audience to draw attention towards your brand

We create flyers that build your brand, create awareness, promote your new launces and alert about special events

With our expertise, your digital marketing plan is backed by a traditional yet workable marketing plan that allows users to make buying decision instantly

We can help you track the number of the response generated, purchased made through this platform which can provide the ability of our campaign.

Flyer Plus is not like any other traditional flyer that comes across your site, we add meaning to your Flyer such that, it speaks in favour of you and helps you be distinguished in the crowd!