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Smart IVR Solution Every Business Deserves!

We at Tikme provide impressive IVR solution that handles customer calls, route calls, and provide your customer with the right department to attend their needs.

Enhance your caller experience with our exceptionally affordable, workable, and easy to use IVR solution. Greet your customers with complete professionalism and a personalized tone with an Integrative voice response system.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice response is a great technology that allows a pre-recording voice to interact with your customer, the prospective customer through a tone that makes them feel answered and respectful. Meaning, when they call you, the automated computer-generated voice talks in favor of you. This not only allows you to streamlines the calls of customers based on their requirements. But it also saves your time by sorting calls in departments and agents.

IVR Features that Boosts your business

This is the simplest and most used form of IVR solution that we offer. In this type, you can only add a single layer of call flow, which is ideally meant to serve for simple calls where there are not multiple departments or agents. Here only one input is enough to navigate the customer to the right a single agent.

Get the maximum outcome and engagement with multi-level IVR. Enhance your conversation with a customer with each level being seamlessly linked and an intelligently designed call flow. It streamlines the customer to the right department and agent based on their specific needs.

Keep up with every customer and record each conversation to better understand your customer's requirements. With automated and unlimited call recording, you don't miss out on a single customer.

With personalized, specialized, and dedicated voice-over professionals, make each call high quality that caters to the need of your customer. Professional IVR recording won’t let your customer feel unanswered.

Customers hate when they get unattended from their favorite brands. Do not let your customer wait in the long queues and feel disrespectful. With the intelligent call routing solution, your customer can reach the right department and the right agent to get their work done sorted in no time.

Why Choose IVR from Tikme?


You can simply decide what your customer will hear from you. If a prospect calls you for the first time, they will be greeted differently than a person is already your customer.

Gain Feedback

IVR system that we implement offers room for improvement with the feedbacks that can be collected from the customer. This will help and enhance your brand when you put forward to work on the feedback generated.

Round the Clock

It is impossible to stay online 24x7 and therefore you might miss out on a few calls from the prospect or customers. With IVR, you allow the customer to discuss their queries and concern and with the call being recorded you can hear them during business hours

Here’s why you must choose IVR:

You sound professional

Seamless call routing

Reports and analytics

Enhanced customer experience