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Loyalty Plus - Absolutely FREE

Grow your brand! Ensure your current customer keep connecting with you and coming back! Your intelligent reward management system through Loyalty plus can describe their behavioral pattern for buying!

Engagement Based Loyalty Plus Influence your customer purchasing cycle and shape their desired action with your loyalty program.

Gamified Program Keep your loyal customer hooked up with your brand! Introduce new and better ways of keeping them engaged through rewards, vouchers, referral bonus so they return to you!

Personalized Reward Improve your engagement by targeting an existing customer with a highly exclusive and personalized reward system!

Be Social Build an exclusive community of loyal members, amplify your business, be digitally active through social reach, and reward them on every purchase made. With social interaction, more view, share, review, and product liking will arouse.

Loyalty Plus Program Manager:

Buy & Earn

No matter your customer reaches you offline or online, allow your customer to buy and earn exciting rewards that lures them more and more towards your brand. Instant rewarding will keep them engaged in your brand, so whenever they feel like buying, they will reach your first to avail of the offer.

Mobile-App Loyalty

Influence your customer to download your mobile app and provide an app-based offer too. This will create a desire amongst your customers to download the app and enjoy app-exclusive benefits. They can easily use the offer, redeem it, interact more with your brand, seamlessly!

Personalized Promotion

While you held a loyalty campaign, you will be updated about your customer's needs, preferences, and buying decisions. Knowing the behavior and goals of every customer can help you offer a personalized loyalty reward for them. This will not only make them feel important, but they are likely going to stick to your brand forever.

Maximize Engagement

Build a strong relationship, maintain goodwill, be superior to other brands, and keep your existing customer happy. The more you communicate and deliver them exciting offers, the more they will spend time with your brand and forget about the other ones. Follow a strategy to keep your current customer happy and always attentive


Design and cultivate a solely consumer-centric loyalty program, which values your regular buyer and keep them entertained for longer. This customer-based loyalty program will help you identify our repetitive customers, provide them an instant reward on every purchase made in real-time. Optimize your program, keep your customer hooked up to you, and grow just the way you desire!

TikMe Loyalty Plus

Loyalty plus program works better, they provide the brand with an intelligent way to sync with the needs of their customer.

The key to a successful loyalty program is providing redemption vouchers, offers, loyalty points, personalized rewards, and incentives that can be utilized by the customer easily.

In a market with seemingly endless options, products, and services as well as uniqueness in customer demand, offering a loyalty program is like a cherry on the cake. Customers are always in the look for offers and this is how you can gain their interest.