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Connect, Communicate,
and Building Relationship with your Customer!

A business must consider engaging with their customer from a different platform, keeping them informed and updated while integrating all the platforms well, so consumers can easily distinguish them over others.
Connecting with your consumer, engaging with them, building a powerful relationship is a great way to turn them into loyal customers of your brand.
Consumer prefers to stick with a brand, one which not only triggers them with a marketing plan but one that is also maintaining effective communication.

Engage, get visible & Let your brand prosper more and better!

Get Engaged & Gain Advantage

v Harness the power of AI Chatbot

Accurately targeting your customer is one thing, and actively being present to answer their queries is second! Improve your conversation with your potential and current customer with a chatbot that speaks about you, your product/service, and answer their queries too. They want a personalized approach when they reach a brand, the least you can do is offer them a solution based on demography, purchase history, product preferences, and more!

v Work on Workable Channel

Only a few platforms are of genuine interest to your brand! Work accurately on the platform which intends to generate more customers, and where you can gain value-driven benefits to improve conversion rate. Analyze multiple channels, consider factors in it, the reachability, responsiveness, conversion, and this is how you can evaluate the platform is worthy of your brand.

v Maximum Marketing Tactics, Maximize ROI

Marketers are always on the look to driving sales moreover engagement, but with suitable engagement, sales can automatically be gained! With TikMe, we ensure you get the right ROI with our effortless marketing campaign that brings engagement more and better ROI on it delivered too.

Engaging with a customer is beyond the boundaries
of communication, it’s much more than that!

Engage with Tikme & Improve Customer Experience

Reaching consumer

Don’t force your customers to reach you, reach where your consumers are! The target audience is based on the platform they spend maximum time on. The more you are visible to them, the better they engage and order products/services from you.

Leverage the potential of Social Media

Run customized campaigns, reach beyond the boundaries through social media, chat, and interact with your audience. Do not miss out on a single lead, work on building engagement, and gaining better views on your brand.


Make your Message Appealing

With TikMe, you will always be one step ahead, pleasing your audience in the most desired and well-mannered form of communication. Engaging with your audience can be workable if you enhance more on a personalized approach. Show them you care and you don’t want to miss them out!

Coupons and Rewarding

If you don’t provide loyal customers a reason to engage with your brand yet again, you won’t win their hearts! With coupons and a rewarding system, loyal customers get ample offers that they can make use of. This encourages repetitive purchase and indeed is the best way to bring customers back to you.