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Chat, a relaxing way to communicate, let your business interact with users, delightedly!TikMe not only develops a well-performing AI chatbot that can deploy all the information and messaging applications. It also provides chatbot integration that matches your business line application. The Chatbot we build can address and understands queries just like a human would do! Respond to the queries by consuming the least time and provide an accurate solution.
Now that chatbots are integrated with the marketing plan and in the enterprise software, it has proven to become one of the best solutions that allow the business to leverage AI and automate their entire CRM solution. With our services, you will have the hold to control and manage multiple functions seamlessly.

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With the use of a complete order management system, you can understand and evaluate what your customers are ordering, their average order size, and repeating rate. This information and insights can help you prepare better for future orders and maintain order status systematically.

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