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Why Loyalty?

Customer Loyalty Program Can Double your Returns & Visits

It is true, 60% of the customer won’t return after they make their first visit.

So, what can lure your potential customers to stick to your brand? You have only a few chances to grab their attention and the Loyalty Program fits in right here!

Loyalty Plan for your Business


Increase Profit, Boost Retention

In a study conducted by Harvard business school, it was proven that keeping your customer come back to your brand 5% more strongly, can boost your profit up by 95%


Repeat Business

Turn your new customers into regular ones! Reward and excite them with loyalty points on every order they make. This will arouse interest and desire to shop more from your brand.


Unique Plan

Choosing a unique, distinguishable loyalty plan for your brand can magically create more repetitive customers. Integrate it with your online, offline, and third-party customers through the loyalty program.

Why TikMe?

Customize your Plan

With TikMe, you can seamlessly create and customize your loyalty program based on the preferences. Give higher rewards to in-app customers, encourage app downloads amongst your customers, and build a great plan to lure customer attention.

Keep a track

Tracking your customers significantly allows you to distinguish between the repeated customer, their buying habits, when they buy, and a lot more. This simply helps you in framing a loyalty reward plan that personalizes based on each customer’s interests and desires.


Redeeming Rewards

Customers must feel complete ease to sign up and access their reward point, make use of it, and enjoy redeeming and shopping from your brand. All they will need is a phone number to earn a reward, win offers, and be loyal to you.

Unique Rewarding

We at TikMe are more than happy to help set up a unique and personalized reward system. This will range from earning an additional product or a discount voucher, all of which is to ensure your customer returns to your brand and enjoy seeking services from you.

Every Business is Unique and
Needs a Loyalty Plan

j Membership

Build a community, grow your business with membership rewards, where your customer gains cash upfront, and feel good about it.

j Referral

If your customer refers your brand to their friends, family, colleague, or any other person, they deserve to be rewarded! Referral rewards encourage them to share your brand with their audience. Win-win for you and your customer!

j Cashback

Putting a little happiness on a customer’s face won’t hurt your business! The more they buy, the portion of the amount they gain back with cashback offers exclusively for loyal customers.

j Vouchers

Cash vouchers for your loyal customers will arouse a need to shop frequently from you in order to avail of the vouchers. A benefit for your brand and your customer.

j Loyalty Points

Convert their spending on your brand into a reward system with loyalty points. The more they shop, the more points they collect, a great opportunity to boost their buying decision.

Striking a balance of customer engagement with rewards and gifts will always be beneficial for your business!