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Increase Revenue Boost Customer Experience Through TikMe Marketing Solution

Wondering Why and How the TikMe could make a difference? This is a platform that connects and meets all your marketing and customer loyalty needs in one place.

Want more revisit?
Wishing to reach out to customers effectively?
Planning to broadcast a solid marketing campaign?

We Can Help You Succeed

Get the best results, a suitable plan, the smartest loyalty to the program, and a solid marketing plan that simply adds value and boosts YOUR BUSINESS.


Did you know, acquiring a new customer costs more than retaining the old ones? If you focus on the new ones, it costs 5x more than retaining the old customer. Nurture the ones that have reached your brand and want more of you! Allow the TikMe marketing plan to boost your online presence instantaneously.



Whether you are running a salon, courier service, spa, healthcare, or even restaurant for that matter. Your marketing solution should be such that it lures and attracts customers quicker than the other brands. We have got what it takes to enhance your website & social media presence, which attracts potential customers seamlessly.


Keeping customers hooked up to your business through the loyalty program adds fun and excitement! Along with that, networking and building more customer base as to be considered too. TikMe caters to your needs by building your professional presence online with offers for loyal members, creating social connections, rewarding customers for their interaction, and a lot more.



Earning loyal customers is a challenge, especially in a very competitive market that sells the same product and service as you do. With TikMe we provide you the ideal solution to an increase in the conversation rate, far beyond your imagination. The loyal customer tends to spend more money than the new customers, don’t let them stray away.


Your prospects and customers want more and unique ideas from you. Broadcast wide range of offers in newest and multiple possibilities and on a different platform with us! Our exclusive campaign works wonder than a typical campaign with baseless strategy and goals. Don’t let your potential customers miss out on plans and offers, we create effective campaigns that bring value.


Why TikMe?

For your business to do well, a structured, well planned, workable, and proven marketing strategy is of paramount importance. Do you think you have a valid marketing plan ready for your business to bloom and be on top out there?

Our One Marketing efforts will cater to your requirement, and serve as a base for you to plan, create, execute, and celebrate the success of marketing campaigns.

We focus on:

The targeted customers of yours

A suitable marketing goal for your business

The right website management strategy

Ideal Social media engagement content

Plan a detailed marketing calendar for your online platform

Monitor, audit and edit your campaigns.

The first step to a successful marketing strategy is defining the audience, so discuss your needs in detail and we assure you in taking due care of everything. Let us take care of all the hard stuff while you focus on the other crucial business deals.
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