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Increase Revenue Boost Customer Experience Through TikMe Marketing Solution

Wondering Why and How the TikMe could make a difference? This is a platform that connects and meets all your marketing and customer loyalty needs in one place.

Social Media Marketing

It is Redefining your business with value-driven approaches for brands to save more time and gain results. If a company in creating engaging content on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Marketing.

Create a Social Media calendar, schedule and update posts, and articles that speak about your brand.

Encourage awareness, interest, and support within the blogging forum and community

Emphasize working with targeted keywords and freshly relevant topics that improve your brand's engagement.

Utilize enough time to analyze, track data, and develop tools to enhance data-driven results for your business.

Review Plus

With TikMe, you maintain your online presence with Great Rating, satisfied customers & lures potential clients to reach out to you!

TikMe Review Plus program lets you showcase your review in an utmost extravagant manner, your business seamlessly flaunts the best customer experiences out there.

We promote your reviews on multiple top-rated platforms, and display it beautifully, that it immensely reaches the heart of your targeted audience.

Do not let any negative review dull your brand’s spark! We provide you the right Review Plus solution, to get more feedback from a loyal customer. We also look ahead and build a solid image online for you to come out as a positive & most trusted brand amongst other brands.


Website Management

We take responsibility for overall website maintenance, giving attention, fine-tuning your website based on your customer's needs, and grow your business seamlessly.
An Enhanced Look and Feel

Our web designer ought to give your brand's website a refreshing touch, that creates professional appeal and mark your position ahead of the competition.

Rank on the Search Engine

Our website management team will ensure your site fulfils all the goals and follow best practices to rank on the top of the search engine

A Story Worth Sharing

Our vision is to work closely with your brand, understand your goals, and create a compelling message that connects to your potential audience.

An Enhanced Look and Feel

Our team will focus majorly on aligning all the business tools into your website so it functions well and exactly how you have expected from it.

Flyer Plus

Flyer Plus is not like any other traditional flyer that comes across your site, we add meaning to your Flyer such that, it speaks in favour of you and helps you be distinguished in the crowd!

We create flyers that build your brand, create awareness, promote your new launces and alert about special events

With our expertise, your digital marketing plan is backed by a traditional yet workable marketing plan that allows users to make buying decision instantly

We can help you track the number of the response generated, purchased made through this platform which can provide the ability of our campaign.