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251 Consumers Rd, Suite#1200,
Toronto, ON, Canada, M2J 4R3
+1 (416) 907 - 4665

We help business change their presence through a great transformation

so they can deliver value in today's market and growth for Tomorrow!

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Take your business to the next level online and start accepting free pickups and quick delivery orders through your website. We will enhance your website into a platform that allows you to take seamless orders.
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Mobile app ordering, allow your customer to enjoy the ultimate benefit of allowing you to work for them. Unlock the potential of your brand with your mobile app and stand out with your content. Make your brand unique with seamless mobile app ordering, allow your customer to enjoy the ultimate benefit of allowing you to work for them.

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Payment on Demand

Allow your customers to view what you offer on their mobile device & pay Instantly! Tikme provides a seamless payment on-demand option to customers so they can enjoy ordering from you and paying just their desired way. Create repeat customers by providing payment processing and a reward system that engages them in your brand in the long run.

Automated Payment

View and Pay Bills

Real-Time Settlement

Automatic Recognizing Customers



Enhance your caller experience with our exceptionally affordable, workable, and easy to use IVR solution. Greet your customers with complete professionalism and a personalized tone with an Integrative voice response system.

Get the maximum outcome and engagement with multi-level IVR. Enhance your conversation with a customer with each level being seamlessly linked and an intelligently designed call flow. It streamlines the customer to the right department and agent based on their specific needs.

Keep up with every customer and record each conversation to better understand your customer's requirements. With automated and unlimited call recording, you don't miss out on a single customer.

Customers hate when they get unattended from their favorite brands. Do not let your customer wait in the long queues and feel disrespectful. With the intelligent call routing solution, your customer can reach the right department and the right agent to get their work done sorted in no time.

With personalized, specialized, and dedicated voice-over professionals, make each call high quality that caters to the need of your customer. Professional IVR recording won’t let your customer feel unanswered.

QR code

A quick response code is a sort of matrix barcode that is designed to read information and store it with the help of scanning. The information is in the encrypted form which seems to be possible only through a QR scanner, thus it is said to be the safest most comfortable sort of payment process.

We ask you to choose a QR code generator for your business

We will seek the content that will be linked with your QR code

Business is allowed to choose their favorite design and customizable QR code

Keep tracking your QR code scan to analyses the QR campaign’s success and failure

Sales Forecasting

With the help of our expert sales forecast team, you can be able to gain detailed answers to each of the questions relating to your business. Your sales forecast is more or less related to setting the goals of your company and fulfilling each one of them.

You eliminate the chance of Panic Sales

Speedy and Quick Product/Service Delivery

Enjoy Fulfilling Real-Time Data

Support Financial Planning

Boost Supply Chain Management

Seamless Inventory Management