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Let customer Order with Zero Hassle & Keep
a track of Order Update!

With the use of a complete order management system, you can understand and evaluate what your customers are ordering, their average order size, and repeating rate. This information and insights can help you prepare better for future orders and maintain order status systematically.

Receive order in Real-time

Get instant alert, be notified as soon as an order is a place. With TikMe, you get a real-time order update so you can integrate your entire workforce system to provide your customers on-time service.

Real-time Order Status

Allow customers to track their order status, keep them notified with the order position, dispatch notice and payment option all in one place.

Online & Offline Orders at a Single Spot

Integrate, merge all your order at a single spot. Get all your orders at one place through a third-party aggregator, TikMe, we instantaneously notify you about your orders so there happen to be no confusion at all.

Smooth Order Flow

Manage all orders and handle a single order flow process with TikMe. We integrate all channels, provide you the order information so you need not have to access through different channels, and find yourself in a big puddle mess. See the order, be updated, and take corrective actions.

Process Streamlined from Start to Finish

Your customer satisfaction level will be at par if you can handle their order and respond to it within a short time duration. It will not only make you, their first choice, but your business doesn’t intend to be stagnant for any longer

Be Updated with Order status & Follow a seamless Order Management Process

Our Order Status & Management System


Easily Order

Those who wish to seek service can easily sign in, provide their necessary details, and their requirements without having to face any trouble. With Tikme, ordering products/services from you just get simpler and effective.

Effective Campaign Curation

At Tikme, we feature automatic, customized, and special campaign setup for you. All your offers and a special discount will be shown on your potential and loyal customers. This brings boost up the order to drive 10x quicker results.

Automated Reward Setup

We have crafted a digital reward system based on repeated orders by loyal customers. This acts as a complimentary gift to customers for their purchases. We then generate a customized campaign to welcome new customers, retain the old ones, and celebrate on different occasions

Easily Tracking & Management

Use Tikme to track advanced booking, current order, order status, order update, and appointments in no time! Get notified on new orders, increase your operation, discuss with your target user, and have an update on almost everything. Create an alert system and be notified of appointments, product dispatch customer information, and so on.


Winning more business is like sipping a cup of coffee with Tikme! Get ample feedback and improve your business post order. Boost a good review and rating on the top-notch review-based site, this not only boosts your image but acts as a great way to impact and enhance your goodwill.