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Allow your customers to view what you offer on their mobile device & pay Instantly!

Tikme provides a seamless payment on-demand option to customers so they can enjoy ordering from you and paying just their desired way. Create repeat customers by providing payment processing and a reward system that engages them in your brand in the long run.


Double your customer base

You will experience a boost in the number of signup rates and a significant rise in the number of customer database with a well-integrated payment and reward management process. Tikme doesn’t provide an ordinary payment option, but one that pleases you and your customer.

Automated Payment

Tikme providers brands with an all on one experience with automated signup, ordering, rewarding customers based on their orders, and seamless payment option. We also provide you constant tips to boost your customer base, increase the morale of your staff, and make things way too easier for your customers.

View and Pay Bills

Allow customers to pay through their mobile devices. Our integrated and seamless pay solution will sync all the bills at one place on the customer's mobile device. Customers can order anything they like and prefer and pay through their phones in no time. You encourage customers with contactless payment while keeping them engaged and loyal to your brand through rewards and offers.

Real-Time Settlement

We provide a pay-on-the-table option that allows you to define your store's payout system just the way you want. Enhance your customer payment experience with offers, rewards, and encourage them to shop often from you. You can either choose an offline or online payment or even both ways as per your customer's requirement! The real-time settlement allows you to seek the benefit of time payment as soon as the customer orders from you!

Automatic Recognizing Customers

As soon as a customer joins TikMe, their details including name, phone number, address will be recorded and stored safely. When they return for purchase from your brand, we immediately recognize them. This will provide you a deeper understanding of repetitive customer so you can provide them great loyalty rewards.
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Gain Tips

The better your product and service are, the better tips you get! We provide your customer with a platform where they can add a tip to your service and product if they like it. Your customer will be able to express how happy they are seeking services from you.