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Online Ordering

TikMe Online Ordering Platform

Online Ordering System

Digitize your restaurant with our ready-to-use online ordering system. Allowing to start accepting online orders and increase revenue while enhancing customer convenience and improving your efficiency.

  • Go Online In 24 Hours
  • Zero Commission On all Your Orders
  • Integrate with Loyalty Rewards
  • Easy Payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay

TikMe Customer Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program Software

Increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth with a loyalty program by rewarding customers with offers and coupons for repeat business and retention.

  • Increase the Customer Retention
  • Build Repeat Business
  • Online Promotions to the Customers
Loyalty Programme
Secured Payments For Telephone Orders

TikMe Pay

Secured Payments For Telephone Orders

Simplify your restaurant’s payment process with TikMe Pay, a secure and efficient payment solution designed to provide a smooth payment experience for customers and make payment processing easier ultimately saving you time and increasing revenue.
  • Collect the Payments Instantaneously Before Processing the Order
  • Reduce No Shows and Food Wastage
  • Build Your Customer Data with Telephone Orders

TikMe Online Reputation Business

Instant Google Reviews

Enhance your restaurant’s online presence and attract more customers with an effective solution for managing Google reviews. Easily send review requests and manage customer feedback, boosting your reputation and attracting new customers to your business.

  • Increase the Positive Reviews of Business on Google
  • Bring More New Customers
  • Increase the Trust and Awareness of Your Brand 
Instant Google Reviews
Centralized Ordering System

TikMe Centralized Ordering System

Centralized Ordering System

Enhance your restaurant’s order management by ensuring that all telephonic orders are accurately processed and efficiently managed, eliminating the risk of missing any customer’s order and expanding your customer base.

  • Helps in Reducing Operation Cost
  • Better Tracking of Aggregate Orders
  • Never Miss a Call or Order Again
  • Multi Franchise Management

500+ Restaurants in Canada Enjoying
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Make More People Enjoy the Taste of Your Restaurant Food.

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Excellent Customer Support

Involve in providing timely, professional assistance, actively listening to customers, and going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction and build positive relationships

No Order Based Commissions

We don't charge commissions based on orders. Our transparent pricing model ensures fair and affordable pricing, regardless of order volume, so you can focus on growing your business.

Let’s Hear from your Fellow Restaurant Owners!

city south pizza
Iftakar City South Pizza, King Cross

Walk-In and Telephone Orders feature is good, Using this we have increased our customer database. Positive response - payment online - we are safe from no shows and the delivery man did not have to collect anything. This is making our day very eassy with less tension.

chaats n prantha
Rakesh Chats N Prantha, Brampton

Easy and safe for the business to use. reason being - all are prepaid orders. Big orders are risk free since they are already paid and customer receives timely notification.Good For collecting customer data on the weekend and every day. Especially use full in busy times where we use telephone orders where custmer waits outside and pay via link and get timely updates on the status of the order.

Shwetha Madras Batter House, Scarborough

Ever since the Madras Batter House partnered with TikMe, we have been covered at the professional front. The entire customer interface has become easier and hassle-free. As a small business, we have been able to update, manage and keep customer at the apex of all we do. With timely services and support from TikMe, the Whole process has been fantastic. We look forward to a longer association with mutual progress.

Anurag Mango Canada, Toronto

Most importantly wanted to share few lines of gratitude to entire Tikme team for such an amazing dedication. It fills my heart always, when the team goes above and beyond to understand our situation and problem areas, come with tailor made solution which so far no one else did in our business history. Koodos to entire team to carry the same energy anytime at any conversation. Special thanks to Sitaram & Veer for creating an outstanding enterprise. Wishing them an outstanding success to shower always

Hari Junction Foods, Brampton

Telephone order we use it a lot - ver convenient, live notification is very helpful customers feel more satisfied and confident and adds to the customer experience in a positive manner.  Collecting google reviews is also a bonus. When there are big orders - we can request payment from the customer, we are confident that the customer will pick it up, which makes it more efficient to run the business.  There is a positve improvement in the business after signing up with TiKme, as the system is easy and user friendly.

Trevor Art of BBQ, Scarborough

TikMe is a great solution for ART of BBQ Smokehouse. Customers would place their order and pay for or pay on pick up. Wonderful product" Trevor David, Owner, ART of BBQ Smokehouse

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