Centralized Ordering system

Centralized Telephone Order Taking System for Restaurants

Simplify your restaurant’s telephone orders with our centralized order taking system. Efficiently manage and process orders, increase accuracy and customer satisfaction
Telephone Order Taking System For Restaurants
TikMe loyalty software for restaurants to get customer data, customer insights, reports

For Efficient Level of Tracking Orders

Better Tracking of Aggregate Order

With our centralized ordering system, you can track all of your orders in one place. This means you'll have better visibility into your restaurant's performance and can make more informed decisions about inventory, staffing, and other critical factors.

Flawless Call and Order Handling

Our system ensures that every call is answered promptly and professionally, so you'll never miss an order or customer inquiry. You can rest easy knowing that your staff will always be available to assist your customers.

Franchise Level Analytics

Ability to analyze data and metrics for each individual restaurant location in a multi-franchise chain, providing valuable insights into the performance of each location.

The Restaurant Owners in Canada Enjoying the Partnership with TikMe

Let’s Hear from Your Fellow Restaurant Owners!

Shwetha Madras Batter House, Scarborough

Ever since the Madras Batter House partnered with TikMe, we have been covered at the professional front. The entire customer interface has become easier and hassle-free. As a small business, we have been able to update, manage and keep customer at the apex of all we do. With timely services and support from TikMe, the Whole process has been fantastic. We look forward to a longer association with mutual progress.

city south pizza
Iftakar City South Pizza, King Cross

Walk-In and Telephone Orders feature is good, Using this we have increased our customer database. Positive response - payment online - we are safe from no shows and the delivery man did not have to collect anything. This is making our day very eassy with less tension.

chaats n prantha
Rakesh Chats N Prantha, Brampton

Easy and safe for the business to use. reason being - all are prepaid orders. Big orders are risk free since they are already paid and customer receives timely notification.Good For collecting customer data on the weekend and every day. Especially use full in busy times where we use telephone orders where custmer waits outside and pay via link and get timely updates on the status of the order.

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